Hang Mioku Plastic Surgery

DHang Mioku Plastic Surgery

A Korean lady addicted to plastic surgery has been left unrecognizable after her fixation drove her to infuse cooking oil into her face.

Hang Mioku Plastic Surgery – Before & After Pictures Videos 2013
Hang Mioku Plastic Surgery

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Hang Mioku, now 48, had her first plastic surgery system when she was 28; snared from the earliest starting point she moved to Japan where she had assist operations – for the most part to her face.

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Hang Mioku was fixated on silicone infusions as she needed “delicate” skin. Specialists advised her she had psychological issue and denied more medications. Korean turned to infusing cooking oil abandoning her for all time distorted.

Plastic Surgery Addict Hang Mioku
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Hang Mioku Plastic Surgery
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