2016 O/L Wibhagayata Suba Nakath


2016 O/L Wibhagayata pitath wimata Suba Nakath

ol wibhagayata suba nakath
Suba Nakath.

Sampath S. Kalpage

2016 අ.පො.ස. සාමාන්‍ය පෙළ විභාගයට පිටත් වීමට සුබ නැකැත්
Astrologist – Sampath S. Kalpage
Bandaragama, Sri Lanka.
The Ordinary Level examination to exceptional education for every one. A year. GCE. Ordinary Level Examination last Saturday that the 17 days started on Tuesday December 06, 2016, the opening day of the Ordinary Level examination Tuesday Happy Planet is a waiver.

2016 O/L Wibhagayata Suba Nakath
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