Maha Saraswathi Yogaya

Maha Saraswathi Yogaya 18-06-2014

Saraswathi Shloka is a Hindu supplication to God droned before starting a class or at the start of one’s studies so all taking in may resolve in information alone. It is tended to the Goddess Saraswathi, who symbolizes all manifestations of information, including the learning of the performing expressions. Learning is a central quest for human life, and a life of study and taking in gives sustenance and control to the human astuteness.

Maha Saraswathi Yogaya

Maha Saraswathi Yogaya

Maha Saraswathi Yogaya 2014-06-18 5.58 a.m.

Akuru Kiyaveema

Maha Saraswathi Yogaya
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