Nawagamuwa Pattini Devalaya

Among the archeologically huge destinations in the Colombo District, Nawagamuwa Pattini Devalaya is vital as a memorable spot of love. Legend has it that the starting point of this Pattini Devalaya near the Kelani waterway about-faces to the early Anuradhapura period.

Be that as it may, because of pulverization by outside powers and remaking throughout the years, minimal obvious confirmation stays to affirm this conviction. Notwithstanding, archeological exploration has uncovered a few locales in the Nawagamuwa zone to affirm that settlements in the territory go back to a B.C. time.


Nawagamuwa Pattini Devalaya.



Nawagamuwa Pattini Devalaya

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නවගමුව පත්තිනි දේවාලය

පත්තිනි මෑණියන්ගේ අනුහස් පිරි පත්තිනි සළඔ සැගවූ ඓතිහාසික නා ගස පිහිටි නවගමුවේ පත්තිනි දේවාලය

At the point when the early Aryan settlements were being built up, Kelani stream and Kelani thota were of significance. Nawagamuwa is situated at the thirteenth milepost on the old Colombo – Ratnapura street. It is trusted that amid the early Anuradhapura period, Nawagamuwa had a place with the Kelani kingdom.

As indicated by a prevalent legend, when King Gajaba 1 (A.D. 114 – 136) originated from India with 12,000 men as detainees, carrying with him a Pattini anklet, he landed at the arrival put near the devale. It is said that he assembled a devale, revered the anklet and held poojas here. From that point till the Kotte period no critical truths have been found about the site.

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