Senasuru Maruwa 2017 Obata Kohomada?


Senasuru Maruwa 2017 Obe Lagneta Kohomada?

Senasuru Maruwa 2017 January

Senasuru Maruwa 2017 January

Senasuru Maruwa 2017 January


2017 Senasuru Maruwa Obata Kohomada

2017 ජනවාරී 26 සෙනසුරු මාරුවේ ලග්න පලාපල
Astrologist – Bandaragama Sampath S. Kalpage.

2017 Lagna Palapala

Senasuru Maruwa 2017 June 21

Saturn (Senasuru) doesn’t make things simple. That is the part of the slave driver of the zodiac. Saturn summons us to get the opportunity to work and to buckle down. Teach and obligation are essential to this planet, yet in the event that we’re anxious to vanquish the world, that is alright, as well.
Much like Father Time, Saturn entreats us to take a gander at the clock (its glyph, all things considered, is the sickle of Chronos, the God of Time). Is there time for all that we need to do, or are there breaking points? Those constraints are essential to Saturn, and we should figure out how to oversee them. Limitations are the area of this planet, similar to any type of teach or deferral.


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