Seth Kavi for O/L Exam Candidate

Seth Kavi for O/L Exam Candidate

Seth Kavi for O/L Exam Candidate.

O/L Exam Candidate

The Sri Lankan Normal Level (O-level) is a General Authentication of Training (GCE) capability in Sri Lanka, directed by the Branch of Examinations of the Service of Instruction. It is focused around the English Conventional Level capability. An O-level is a capability of its own right, yet all the more often taken in essential for the all the more inside and out and scholastically thorough Progressed Level exams. It is generally taken by understudies amid the last two years of Senior auxiliary school (Review 10 & 11 (typically ages 15-16)) or outer (non-school) hopeful. The exams are held in three mediums Sinhala, Tamil and English.

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