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Rahu Kalaya

Rahu Kalaya

Rahu Kalaya, Best Time of Today - Ada Dawase Rahu Kalaya, Suba Disawa, Maru Sitina Disawa, Ira Udawa.

Rahu Kalaya

Great time for your good jobs. Ada Dawase Rahu Kalaya,  Suba Disawa, Maru Sitina Dishawa, Ira Udawa. අද දවසේ රාහු කාලය.

It is the unfavorable schedule opening of the day. Rahu Kala changes as per day of the week and the season of sun rise and sun set.

Ada DawasaRahu Kalaya

Since Sri Lanka is arranged in the tropics and along these lines the length of the day and the night is near 12 hours, it is moderately simple to tell the estimated times of Rahu Kala for every day of the week.

It is an alternate story on the off chance that you live in Northern half of the globe or the Southern side of the equator. At that point you need to discover the seasons of sun rise and sun set for the specific day and the place you are intrigued.

According to religious writing astrology, Rahu is an inauspicious planet. throughout the transition of planets, the time below the influence of Rahu ought to be avoided to try and do any auspicious work. Doing Puja or Yagya to make up auspicious planets throughout this time is interfered by Rahu attributable to its evil nature. If one will Puja or Yagya throughout Rahu Kalaya then desired results don't seem to be achieved. therefore it's necessary to think about Rahu Kalaya before beginning any new work. By doing therefore, a prospect of achieving desired results is exaggerated.

Rahu Kalaya is one amongst the eight segments of the day between sunrise and sunset. Eight segments of the day ar calculated by taking the full time between sunrise and sunset at a given place and so dividing this point period by eight.

Dawase Lagna Palapala

Sathiye Lagna Palapala

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