Edward and Charitha Live In London

Edward-Jayakody-Live-in_london2Jayakody Arachchige Don Edward Timothy Jayakody started his musical journey a long time ago. In a remote

village in kegalle. He is 61 years old now, but his looks very useful. He was resuntly London visit with his wife Charitha Priyadharshani Peires to present THE AKURU MAKI NA MUsicle Show in London, in a defer cancer prevention programme and later in Birmingham ade of the Birmingham Buddhist Temple Building Programme. Birmingham Buddhist Temple is to become Europe largest Buddhist Temple. Edward Jayakody and Charitha Priyadharshani have a very special place for children in there programme.


akuru maki naaSpeaking to a television programme recently in Australia he said that the normal practice when sri Lankan musician and artists arrive in foreign countries is that for parents to leave there children at home and arrive at the musical show. What he said in my programme I encourage parents to bring their children to the musical shows. I’ve very special place for children. And in the shows conducted in UK recently Edward and Charitha encourage the participation of children on to the stage. A number of presentations were dance song and music of children. And parents very much enjoyed and appreciated an opportunity provided to that children to sing in their local languageav-charitha-priyadarshani at a distend planed. Edward Jayakody started the his professional career as a music teacher at nalanda college and later moved on director of music at the department of the Education.

Edward and Charitha Recently longue their children song collection title YALUI API YALUI which included children songs the fang all the years. Edward and Charitha I’ve going to have a busies schedule with number of foreign performances with in the next few months.

 Edward-Jayakody-Live-in_london_2 z_p27-Music2 charitha2Marambari-bham


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