IPhone 6 and 6 S Plus market
IPhone 6 and 6 S Plus market

IPhone 6 and 6 S Plus market

The latest Apple iPhone and iPhone 6 6 S Plus mobile phones coming in the market (25) from taking place.

Apple’s success with the iPhone 6 is expected that the new phone will have a good demand.

Also, China is the largest market in the first week to 12 million phones – that Apple will sell between 13 and believe, because of the sales in the first week, 10 million iPhones in 2014.

Meanwhile, San Francisco, London to Sydney from new world countries Loli Apple phone experience, expected duration, foreign media reports.

The mobile phone is a phone number issued last year, improved tactile or dimensional camera and, using the latest technology to respond to the thrust of the touch screen phone has empowered this time.



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