Recover Australia rally overwhelmed in BrisbaneRecover Australia rally overwhelmed in Brisbane

Wearing Australian banners as capes and glimmering mid-section tattoos broadcasting ‘Anzac’, the coordinators of the Brisbane Reclaim Australia rally were compelled to let Jimmy Barnes vocals do the talking for them, when their amplifier neglected to dispatch.

Emma Miller Place, simply outside the CBD, was home to dueling encourages on Sunday, with wall and a solid police line isolating Reclaim Australia supporters from the counter rally sorted out to muffle them.

That turned into a simpler undertaking than initially foreseen, with amplifier issues keeping on plagueing the Reclaim Australia side, with coordinators compelled to inquire as to whether “anybody in the group know anything about these things”.

While the counter rally, which dwarfed the 200 or so Reclaim Australia supporters by no less than 100 individuals, hollered ‘Muslims are welcome, racists are not’, the gathering on the other side requested that their supporters “hold on for us, we’re having a couple of specialized challenges here”.


“Anybody need to do anything, sing, move?,” the MC inquired.

Nobody did. But when Cold Chisel or AC/DC played. At that point the group skiped, twisting at the knees and waving signs broadcasting “kindy before marriage” and “not all Muslims are awful, but rather all terrorists are Muslim”.

Recover Australia rally overwhelmed in Brisbane




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