Sampath_Bank-LogoSampath Bank packs Gold Award for CSR at SLIM Brand Excellence 2015

Sampath Bank was regarded for their endeavors when the bank secured the Gold Award in the CSR Brand of the Year class at the as of late finished up SLIM Brand Excellence Award Ceremony.



This recompense perceived Sampath Bank’s constant endeavors in offering back to society that have contributed towards the general advancement of social prosperity in Sri Lanka.

Sampath Bank was reached out with this grant for their business person advancement program ”Sampath Saviya”.

Through the project, the bank significantly engaged smaller scale, little and medium scale business people with information and abilities notwithstanding giving money related backing.

logoIt is the acknowledgment of this novel theory and its exceptional model of execution that brought about the receipt of the CSR Brand of the Year Gold Awards at SLIM Brand Excellence Award 2015.

Propelled in 2013, ”Sampath Saviya” concentrates on gatherings of MSMEs chose from diverse areas and builds up their potential in a huge number of ways in this manner empowering them to wind up fruitful business people. To this end the bank leads a progression of three day workshops with the chose business visionaries and trains them in imperative territories, for example, human asset administration, organization and business arranging notwithstanding improving their money related education.

Notwithstanding putting an uncommon accentuation on the ID of ladies business people ”Sampath Saviya” additionally screens the execution of the business person’s marketable strategies for a long time, ensuring that the bank ventures in when backing is required.

Since its commencement, three years prior, “Sampath Saviya” has conveyed on its guarantee by inspiring the lives of more than 1,000 families over the island. The methodical advancement of business people focused by the project has as of now demonstrated massive accomplishment with a large portion of the recipients having indicated huge achievement in their organizations.

A standout amongst the most eminent of such business visionaries K.P. Lalith Nandika from Buttala began”Shakya Herbals”, his own particular business of home grown items in 2002. Nandika came to achievement when he enlisted for the Sampath Saviya in 2014.

”Sampath Saviya was the defining moment in my business. Up until the point I enlisted for Sampath Saviya, I had been not able lift my business over a sure level because of reasons which I just kunderstood once I began going to the workshops and getting direction from the Sampath Bank authorities. Through Sampath Saviya, I could pick up a thorough information of business administration and arranging which I had been missing until now. I could create learning in imperative regions, for example, bookkeeping, administration, promoting and positive considering. This combined with the individual direction from Sampath Bank authorities opened the entryways of progress to my business” said Mr. Lalith Nandika when remarking about the commitment by Sampath Saviya to his business achievement.

Mr. MLRK Senaratne, another business person who profited from Sampath Saviya is an acclaimed innovator whose fantasy to market his developments was made a reality through Sampath Saviya. Mr. Senaratne whose innovative items were fundamentally home machines had been attempting to change over his enthusiasm into a fruitful business until he was acquainted with Sampath Saviya by Sri Lanka New Inventor’s Commission in 2014.

”I have dependably been a creator. Notwithstanding being locally and universally perceived for my new considering, I was not having the capacity to effectively change over my enthusiasm into a business as I needed to enhance in a great deal of regions. This was made conceivable just by means of Sampath Saviya. Notwithstanding the monetary help the bank gave me taking into account an intensive comprehension of my needs, I was taught on the most vital regions of maintaining a fruitful business, for example, bookkeeping, showcasing, initiative and so forth. In addition, it assisted me in figuring out how with receiving business sector criticism which is urgent for new creations. I must say that I’m greatly obligated to Sampath Saviya for the achievement I appreciate today”

Advertising and Business Development Deputy General Manager Tharaka Ranwala said as a socially capable corporate subject, Sampath Bank dependably recognizes the need to enable the lives of Sri Lankans.

Sampath Saviya’ CSR task means to engage SME’s who are basically the foundation of our nation’s economy. We are to be sure pleased that our steady interest in social change has been perceived on such a prestigious stage and are significantly persuaded to proceed with our endeavors to make Sri Lanka a more created country.”

Sampath Bank packs Gold Award for CSR at SLIM Brand Excellence 2015
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