gun-laws-relaxedThe general population who need the UK’s gun laws loose

Gun discuss in Britain tends to focus on what is occurring in the US, however more than 700,000 gun owners live in England and Wales. Who are they, and why do some need laws loose?



“It’s frustrating for me that when you tell someone you possess a gun you’re instantly named a weirdo. It’s similar to a secret society,” Callum Long-Collins explains from a gun shop in Botley Mills, Hampshire.

He owns seven firearms, yet would not have liked to show them in his own home in case it gave the wrong impression and scared the neighbors.

“What individuals bounce to is that I possess guns for illegal reasons. Yet, I have absolutely no expectation of using a gun in the terrible way – I just appreciate the sport of shooting,” he adds.

Long-Collins runs a YouTube channel called English Shooting, which campaigns for changes in gun regulations.

The general population who need the UK’s gun laws loose
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