Top Nine Tips for Driving Safe in Melbourne

Top Nine Tips for Driving Safe in Melbourne

Melbourne has frequently been named the world’s most livable town, and is packed with exciting attractions. If you’re a traveler tackling the roads of Victoria for the primary time, there are a couple of stuff you got to me tuned in to. 10 useful tips to present you a basic plan of a way to navigate the most freeways, and that roads you would like to avoid.

Check your licence: Before travel, check that your licence is accepted in Australia, and if not you will have to be compelled to apply for a global Driving allow. In Australia you’re allowed to drive and rent solely with a legitimate licence. remember to hold your licence with you in any respect times.


Keep left: If you’re travel from overseas, keep in mind that Australians drive on the left side of the road.

Take note of speed limits: Speed limits on city roads is forty kilometers per hour. On major roads, speeds will vary from sixty to eighty kilometers, rising to one hundred ten kilometers per hour on country roads and highways.

Wear a seat-belt: The carrying of seat-belts is required for all drivers and passengers in Australia. kid safety restraints or car seats should even be attended.

Stay below the limit: Drink driving isn’t tolerated. Police conduct random breath testing year-round and by law, drivers should not drive if their blood alcohol level is over zero.05. This testing is common on Victorian roads.

Don’t use your phone: using a hand-held mobile whereas driving is prohibited. However, if you would like to just accept calls, make certain you use a hands-free headphone or just point to the facet of the road.

Beware of trams: when driving in central Melbourne you’ll notice plenty of trams. Drivers should give way to trams after they enter or cross a roundabout, and should not overtake a tram on the left. even be bound to stop level with the rear of a tram at any selected tram stops, and keep to the left of a security zone to avoid pedestrians.

The hook turn: make sure that you’re familiar with the “Hook Turn” rule for turning right in Melbourne. The sign was enforced to identify that trams have a clear path past intersections, and this may be indicated by an overhead sign at the intersection displaying a hook turn.

Parking metres: whereas there area unit several parking meters in Melbourne, also as parking lots, drivers are inspired to not park on the other sides of the road as you’ll incur a fine.

Top Nine Tips for Driving Safe in Melbourne
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