What is Music?What is Music?

Music is a global language. It is not depending on the language. Everybody has a humanitarian feeling like happiness, sadness erotically, etc.… everybody like music but it can cure the disease for who suffered. When we concern the present situation in our country the we don’t have veteran musicians.


Because today if anyone can sing. He produces the CD. It coffins abominable music. It is not the ecstatically composition. People refused that type of Sinhala Songs. In olden Base, we had expert Musicians, like Rupasinghe Master, Muhammad Ghouse, R. Rocksami, W. D. Amaradeva, Milton Mallawarachchi, Sunil Edirisinghe and Victor Rathnayaka like that. They created lot of music’s for the Cinema and any of the singers and songsters. Some were want to Lucknow in India, to learn “Sangeetha Wisharadha”. They learn music in Classical Music. It proforma a good visual and auditory art.



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