Thai Iced Tea  Recipe

Thai-Iced-Tea-RecipeHow to Make Thai Iced Tea.



Thai-Iced-Tea-Recipe_2thai iced tea recipe

Thai Iced Tea Recipe

තායි අයිස් තේ
Thai Iced Tea Recipe Sinhala.

Thai Iced Tea Recipe.

Thai tea, otherwise called Thai iced tea is a Thai beverage produced using firmly fermented Ceylon tea. In any case, because of Ceylon tea’s high value, a privately developed landrace form of Assam known as Bai Miang with included nourishment shading is ordinarily utilized. Different fixings may incorporate included orange bloom water, star anise, smashed tamarind seed or red and yellow sustenance shading, and now and again different flavors also.


This tea is sweetened with sugar and dense drain and served chilled. Vanished milk, coconut milk or entire milk is for the most part poured over the tea and ice before serving to include taste and velvety appearance. Nonetheless, in Thailand, dense drain and sugar are blended with the tea before it is poured over ice and after that finished with dissipated milk. In Thai eateries around the world, it is served in a tall glass, however when sold from road and business sector slows down in Thailand it is all the more normally poured over the pulverized ice in an unmistakable plastic sack or tall plastic mugs. At business sectors, it can be seen to be blended through pouring the tea at statures of around 4 feet forward and backward. It can likewise be made into a frappé at more Westernized merchants.



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