Wood Apple Drink

How to Make Wood Apple Drink.


Wood Apple Drink

Easy Wood Apple Drink Recipe

Wood Apple Drink

Wood Apple Drink Wood Apple Drink

Easy Wood Apple Drink (Diwul Bima) Recipe

දිවුල් බීම
Wood Apple Drink (Divul Kiri Drink) Recipe Sinhala.

Placed all into a liquidizer and blend until the Wood Apple ( Divul / Diwul ) seeds vanish. In the event that it is too thick you can include some more drain or water. Thickness and sweetness ought to accord to your taste.

The Wood Apple (woodapple) is a fabulous organic product with a truly entertaining smell. The organic product resembles a tasty tamarind and raisin stick.

Limonia acidissima is the main species inside the monotypic genus Limonia. It is local to the Indomalaya ecozone to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and in Indochinese ecoregion east to Java and the Malesia ecoregion. Normal names for the species in English incorporate wood-apple and elephant-apple. It is presumed for its restorative properties.

Wood Apple Drink
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