Kowakka – Coccinia Grandis

Kowakka Kola Coccinia Grandis Recipe

How to Make Kowakka Kola Sambal.


Kowakka Kola Sambal Recipe
Kowakka Kola Sambal Recipe Sri Lanka from - www.srisurf.info

TKowakka Kola Sambal Recipe sinhala

Kowakka – Coccinia Grandis

Kovakka Kola.
දියවැඩියා රෝගීන්ට ගුණදායි, කෝවක්කා කොළ සම්බෝලය.

Kowakka is a type of medicinal value of plants. This is called the botanical scientific name Coccinia grandis are plentiful in the dry zone in South Asia.

Kowakka valuable minerals, vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, contains nutrients such as protein. Vitamin A deficiencies in patients Kowakka fruit curry or green Kowakka Sandagala take as.



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