Kurakkan Thosai Recipe

How to Make Kurakkan Thosai Recipe.


Kurakkan Thosai

Easy Kurakkan Thosai Recipe

Kurakkan Thosai

Kurakkan Thosai

Kurakkan Thosai

කුරක්කන් තෝසේ
Kurakkan Thosai Recipe Sinhala.

millet Thosai recipe.

In Sri Lanka, finger millet is called kurakkan and is made into kurakkan roti – a natural chestnut thick roti with coconut and thallapa – a thick batter made of ragi by bubbling it with water and some salt until like a mixture ball. It is then eaten with an exceptionally zesty meat curry and is generally gulped in little balls, as opposed to biting. It is likewise eaten as a soup (kurrakan kenda) and as a sweet called ‘Halape‘.



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