Miss Sri Lanka Italy 2015

Miss Sri Lanka Italy 2015
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CENTIGRADZ on stage at Miss Sri Lanka Italy 2015 in April 25th, Milan Celebrating 10 years of success and finesse in professional music industry. Dance group: “Dance Up” from Treviso, Italy.

Bright compete for the crown Miss girls dancing, modeling capabilities and highlighted some of these opportunities.

Miss throne bumper win this race who wove Nilushika Wadduwage.

Miss Sri Lanka Italy 2015 contenders demonstrating their ability;
1. Nilukshika Wadduwage
2. Natalie Sedari
3. Menaka Ransinghe
4. Yasara Wedamuhandiramlage
5. Roshani Deepthi

Organized by LOTUS CLUB Milan
Project Manager Valentina Gonsal
Videography: Vipsstudio
Photography: Native Tribe Studio
Digital Content: Visra ADS
Music and performance: CENTIGRADZ
Fashion Designers: Dhananjaya Bandara, Carol Cordella, Emanuela Conte
Sponsor and partners: Efficient Homes, Sheraton Malpensa Hotel, Hilton Colombo, New Total Look, Guwana Travels, Sri Tv, Serendib Wedding Planner, Synthesi Project, Flexport, Lyca Mobile.



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