Wooden placed around a Venus statue

Wooden placed around a Venus statueIran-President-Roman-blatant-bodies-closed_bodyItaly has concealed some of its most notable naked statues so as not to disturb the meeting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

A wooden box was put around a few pieces, including a Venus going back to the Second Century BC, at Rome’s Capitoline Museum. Both Rouhani and Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi talked at the exhibition hall after a marking service which saw Italian organizations tie up £12.5billion worth of business with Iran.

ඉරාන ජනපති නිසා රෝමය සිල් ගනී – නග්න සිරුරු වහන්න ලෑලි පෙට්ටි ගසයි.



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