Ran Kenden Banda – Nanda Malani Video Song with Lyric

Ran Kenden Banda – Nanda Malani


Ran Kenden Banda - Nanda Malani Video Song with Lyric

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Ran Kenden Banda - Nanda Malani Video Song with Lyric free

Sinhala video song with sinhala lyrics

Nanda Malani

Sarath DasanayakeRan Kenden Banda athangili ekkala aadarayayi, pem rahanen banda sithum wasanga kala aadarayayi…

රන් කෙන්දෙන් බැඳ අතැඟිලි එක්කල ආදරයයි…… පෙම් රැහැනින් බැඳ සිතුම් වසඟ කල ආදරයයි……

Dr. Ajantha RanasingheSong by – Nanda Malani
Music – Sarath Dasanayake
Lyric – Dr. Ajantha Ranasinghe
ගායනය – නන්දා මාලිනී
සංගීතය – සරත් දසනායක
පද රචනය – ආචාර්ය අජන්තා රණසිංහ

Sinhala Songs, Nanda Malini video song.

Nanda MalaniNanda Malani is a Sri Lankan artist. She is one of the best known and most regarded artists of Sri Lanka. Her decision of verses delineates numerous genuine circumstances, and most unpredictable human connections and feelings that stem out of those. She has been credited as beginning another part in Sri Lankan traditional music. She has won eleven Sarasaviya Awards and eight Presidential Awards for Best Singer.

Ran Kenden Banda – Nanda Malani
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