Nim Him Sewwa – W. D. Amaradeva Video Song with Lyric

Nim Him Sewwa – W. D. Amaradeva Song


Jeewath Wennata Purudu Lesin Somasiri Madagedara Video Song

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Nim Him Sewwa - W. D. Amaradeva Video Song with Lyric free

Sinhala video song with sinhala lyrics

Nim Him Sewwa Ma sasare – Hamuvi Yugayen Bandi Yugaye. Lanvi Wenvi Warin Ware – Oba Ha Maa Ran Huyakini Bandune……

Song by – W. D. Amaradeva
Lyric – Ogastas Vinayagarathnam
Music – Nimal Mendis

Conceived in Koralawella Moratuwa on December 5, 1927, he was named W.D. Albert Perera and just embraced the name W.D. Amaradeva years after the fact, on a recommendation made by Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra who prompted him to go up against a Sri Lankan name.

As a tyke, he was partial to music. Melodic instruments were a piece of his life. His dad was a most looked for after woodworker in Koralawella and had numerous music educators going to him to get their violins repaired. As he turned seven, he was talented his first melodic instrument – a violin that his dad had created for his birthday.

In 1972, Pandit W. D. Amaradeva created the music for the Maldivian National Anthem (Gaumii salaam) at the demand of Maldivian Government.

Sinhala Songs, W. D. Amaradewa video song.

Nim Him Sewwa – W. D. Amaradeva Song
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