Hot Sensational Arabic Belly Dance

Hot Sensational Arabic Belly Dance by Alex Delora.

Hot Sensational Arabic Belly Dance
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Hip twirl or bellydance is a Western-instituted name for a sort of Middle Eastern dance. Initially a “performance, ad libbed dance including middle verbalization”, hip twirl takes a wide range of structures relying upon the nation and area, both in ensemble and dance style, and new styles have developed in the West as its ubiquity has spread all around.

The expression “hip twirl” is an interpretation of the French expression “danse du ventre”, which was connected to the dance in the Victorian period, and likely initially alluded to the Arabic tribe Ouled Nail dancers of Algeria, whose dance utilized more stomach developments than the dances depicted today as “hip twirl”. It is something of a misnomer, as all aspects of the body is included in the dance; the most highlighted body part is typically the hips.

Hot Sensational Arabic Belly Dance
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