Lande Mulawi Giyanam – Arabic Voice

Lande Mulawi Giyanam - Arabic Voice

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ලඳේ මුලාවී ගියානම් ගීතය අරාබි හඬින්.

Lande Mulawi Giyanam – Arabic Voice

Mario Glory Rookantha Goonatillake conceived 5 September 1959 is a popular Sri Lankan artist, lyricist and author. Rookantha began his profession as a performance vocalist in late 1980s. He much of the time two part harmonies with his better half Chandralekha Perera. His girl Raini Charuka is likewise a vocalist, and a performing artist.

Rookantha is a standout amongst the best artists in Sri Lankan pop industry. His collections have sold around 10,000 duplicates in Sri Lanka. He is known as the individual who changed the Sri Lankan music industry in the 80’s with his tunes.

Lande Mulawi Giyanam – Arabic Voice
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